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The White 1 Star of Victory and Income

If you’ve ever wanted to make a change, a move, or leapfrog to another place in your life, this is the star that will help you do it. In feng shui, the White 1 star is a star that can bring you all those things, plus these benefits: Opportunities Victory over the competition A new…

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The 4 Star of Education, Romance, Travel, and Writing

If there was ever a star that represents wine and roses, the 4 (four) star is it. In feng shui, the number four and the 4 star represent education and romance, but it also has other benefits that are like a motorcycle with a sidecar filled with roses. For entrepreneurs and the career-minded, any kind…

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The Heavenly 6 Star of Favor and Fortune

The 6 star is one of the most favored and highly regarded of all the stars in feng shui. This star has a bountiful energy star that bestows favor and brings achievements, power, influence, authority — and perhaps the best of all its attributes — windfalls, favors, and opportunities laid at your feet. The 6…

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The White 8 Prosperity Star of Wealth and Success

There are numbers in feng shui that are regarded as the most favorable for luck and wealth. That’s because when the numbers 1, 4, 6, or 8 (and sometimes 9)  — represented by the qualities of success, promotion, attainment, love, travel, and prosperity — show up in your home either as a natal, annual, or…

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Feng Shui Wish Fulfilling Gems Make Your Wishes Come True

From the earliest fairy tales of genies and fairy godmothers, we all have wishes that we would love to see magically happen. Luckily in feng shui there is a wonderful technique for activating the energies associated with all of the usual aspirations that everyone wants: love, wealth, health, happiness, good fortune. It involves using gems…

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Feng Shui’s 6 Most Popular Crystals

Crystals have long been thought to possess mystical qualities. Certain crystals and stones have long been associated with having healing abilities, the ability to focus thought or intention or even transmutation. And this is no longer an issue of belief any longer.

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Episode 198: Window Feng Shui

Windows are a natural part of the exterior of a home or office building. In a sense, they’re the eyes of the building. Their openings let in light, views and…

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Kathryn Weber

Kathryn Weber

Kathryn Weber is the publisher of the Red Lotus Letter Feng Shui e-Zine.

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Five Minute Feng Shui : Episode 198: Window Feng Shui ... See MoreSee Less
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