Fun Shui -- Feng Shui Symbols and Activities Bring Happiness, Success, and Wealth

Fun Shui — Feng Shui Symbols and Activities Bring Happiness, Success, and Wealth

Some of the best feng shui isn’t all about turtles and fountains, mountains and facing directions. It’s about fun. Good feng shui can change to great feng shui with the addition of fun, enjoyment, festivities and happy times. That’s because the vibrations of laughter and enjoyment permeate our surroundings and if you home is the location for happy gatherings full of festive people, then you’ve done a lot toward making your feng shui better – and that changes your outlook, your happiness, and your bottom line, too!

Boost Your Career With Powerful Feng Shui

Enhancing careers with feng shui is a popular subject in feng shui. Second to generating wealth, energizing the career sector ranks high in interest among those interested in using feng shui to better their lives.It makes sense due to the amount of time we spend at our jobs. It also is understandable because to have a successful career enables us to make better decisions for ourselves and our families.

6 Feng Shui Ways to AVOID Success

6 Feng Shui Ways to AVOID Success

Success is often elusive and yet we wonder and study how people become successful. For some success is merely tied to a financial figure. For others, success is fame, a certain dress size or material possessions. Yet, for others, success represents a rounded and balanced life. But regardless of what your definition of success may be, there are actual habits and skills that will keep you from being successful. Interestingly, while it’s helpful to see what successful people do, it’s also as helpful and perhaps more so to study what keeps someone unsuccessful.