Did 2020 Leave You Tired of Living in Uncertainty? 

In 2021, here’s a roadmap you can follow.


2020 was filled with so much worry and fear from the pandemic. It’s enough to make you anxious, and even dread, the coming year.

But what if you had something to help you manage an uncertain future and all the worry and anxiety that comes with it?

The 2021 Year of the Metal Ox Feng Shui Forecast is your annual guide and feng shui planner. 

Knowing what to expect in the year ahead can help you make sense of the year and be prepared for the challenges -- and the opportunities. 

The 2021 Year of the Ox Feng Shui Forecast is your roadmap for your life, home, and astrology sign.

You know, feng shui isn't just about moving around wind chimes and frogs.

It's about a shift in time.... and the energies that change each year.

In fact, that’s how feng shui started… as a study of time and how one year can change so dramatically from the next, and how those impacts are felt based on your house or bedroom direction, or your zodiac sign.

That's why each year has a different animal name, like the Year of the Ox.

Each new animal has a new meaning (and new energies) for the coming year ahead.

And what better example did we have than 2020 that took life as we knew it and turned it on its head?

The Year of the Metal Ox Feng Shui Forecast will prepare you for the year in front of you...replacing uncertainty with knowledge, anxiety with confidence. 

Like astrology, feng shui has a predictive side, too.

It’s not something you hear a lot about.

With this guide, you’ll learn how to successfully navigate the year, month by month. 

This is a book and workbook that will show you exactly what your future looks like in the year ahead and the kind of luck you have for your home and zodiac sign.

The Year of the Metal Ox Feng Shui Forecast will be your companion throughout the year, and something you’ll refer to again and again to help guide and plan your entire year. 

I started writing this forecast over a decade ago because I wanted to know why.

Almost 30 years ago, I started practicing feng shui, and despite using feng shui and thinking I had done everything right, things would happen in my life that felt like a bolt from the blue (not unlike this pandemic).

That was when my husband shattered his leg on my birthday on a beach in Maui. 

We had been in Hawaii less than 24 hours, and packed up our friends and toddler, and headed to the ocean. 

He was lightly jogging on the beach to pick up a ball when there was a loud pop. He collapsed on the beach and kept saying, “Oh my God, oh my God.”

Tim was sitting at the shoreline, the water gently lapping around him, his leg dangling in front of him.

Our friends saw him fall to the ground and froze in shock, but I was holding my two-year-old’s hand.

I told my friend to take my son’s hand. Once, then twice, then I screamed at her to jolt her out of her frozen state to take my son’s hand so I could rush to Tim.

When I got to him, his leg bone was moving under his skin, about to pop out near his knee. He was going into shock.

The water’s edge was now past him and moving up. I stood behind him as he sat unable to move and put both arms under his (and he’s a big guy), and dragged him from the surf.

The ambulance came and we went to the hospital.

So much for a carefree vacation.

It was my 40th birthday.


I wanted to know why. 

  • Why didn't my feng shui work?
  • Where did I go wrong?
  • Why didn’t all the feng shui things I did protect my husband, the breadwinner, put him in the hospital instead?
  • What did I miss?


I followed the feng shui recommendations to the letter.

There had to be a reason why my feng shui didn’t protect me and my family.

There was a reason: It was my approach. I was doing a “feng shui and forget it” kind of practice.

You move things into place and then that’s that...show’s over.

Well, it’s only over until someone runs on a beach and shatters a leg and we spend the rest of our two-week vacation in Maui County Hospital, undergoing a long and extensive surgery to get my husband’s leg and knee put back together. 

Now instead of going home with a tan, Tim was in a leg cast, sporting a 7” long steel plate on his shin bone, 13 screws, and a stainless steel basket implanted in his knee to keep it and his leg where they’re both supposed to be.

More surgeries were in the near future too, and further off, a knee replacement.

When we got home, I ran around looking for ways that I goofed up my feng shui.

Everything looked right...everything I believed was good feng shui was put in place and correct. 

Have you ever done that -- did everything correctly and it still didn’t work?

It’s aggravating and frustrating. 

I kept feeling betrayed and confused about what I had missed or if I had done was wrong and had caused this problem. 

One of the things I had read was that red front doors are good luck.

Guess what? They aren’t.

Then, I found out our particular red front door was especially bad because it faced the northwest, the breadwinner’s direction and that a red door represented “fire in heaven.” 

I also found out there was an annual affliction that I had paid no attention to and guess where it was situated? 

That’s right, it was right there at the bright red front door.

Why didn’t I know these things?

Why did I think this feng shui could be so easy, so cut and dried? 

I needed to make a change.

That’s when I bought a ticket for a trip on the other side of the world from where I lived to study classical Chinese feng shui.

I wanted to find out how to manage the time element of feng shui.

And this was while Tim was still recovering from a broken leg. It was tough.

My husband was at home with a shattered leg on crutches and had to fend with our toddler for two weeks while I learned how to time feng shui works and how to derail the problems that can strike without warning.

But I was determined that there was a better way for me to know ahead of time what to expect, how to fend off problems and be able to deal with those aspects of feng shui in my home, where I spend the majority of my time.

That was when I learned about protective feng shui.

During my training, I learned how to align my home with its natural directions so that it was in sync with the environment.

I learned that feng shui isn’t just about corners, it’s about energies.

It’s about how energies have patterns and how those patterns relate to time.

And that time is one of the biggest influencers on our home — and our life.

Why was that such a surprise...such a shock?

But it was.

Why would I expect time to live in a vacuum where everything stays the same?

That was just dumb thinking on my part.

Now let’s apply this to 2020.

Last year was a shock for the world, for families, for businesses and it’s taken a huge toll on human life, on jobs, relationships, our happiness and our sense of security, and a feeling of being in control of our lives.

But I saw this coming.

I wrote about it in the 2020 Year of the Rat Feng Shui Forecast.

The energies of the year play out like a script.

There are themes that come up, such as investments, the economic outlook, energies for love and health, and even where health maladies struck, like the lungs.


What if you knew what those themes were and knew about them in advance?

What if you had a roadmap to guide you of what to do to enhance your year just by knowing where your house faces and the corner your bedroom is located — and how those locations will impact your luck, income, health, and fortunes in the year ahead?

Imagine if you could see ahead and know what was coming, and it could help you and your family be prepared and not feel like you were at the mercy of life in any given year or month.

Plus, that it not only protected you but propelled you ahead.

And, more importantly, on your terms.

You'd have life and business from following feng shui energies and star movements.

It’s the star you can hitch your wagon to every year and that will help you to feel confident and be prepared.

While nothing in life is guaranteed, wouldn't it be great if you had your own crystal ball, something that could prepare you and lay out the year before you?

In 2020 we have learned the discomfort and anxiety-producing feelings of not knowing what’s next.

.....Imagine if you knew what to expect this past year — wouldn’t it have been better to be ready, like when there's a storm coming instead of being caught off guard?

....Just think about how you’d feel if there was something you could do to protect yourself, your relationships, your job, and your investments.

Maybe you’re tired of feeling like a bottle bobbing along in the ocean under the control and whims of the tide and time.

Quite possibly you’re ready for something that makes you feel good and optimistic, like you have a handle on things and how knowing can help you be prepared and can be that something that injects a little fun into your life.

The Year of the Metal Ox Feng Shui Forecast

This valuable guide will give you an energetic heads up on how life and luck will affect you based on your home’s direction, where your bedroom is located (because that’s where energies can really impact you), and the corner where your home office is located (another area where energies are strongest).

You’ll know in advance what’s coming and how to be ready for the annual shifts and changes, how to handle them, and how to make the most of the energies of good fortune and opportunity.

You'll discover...

I speak feng shui in plain English.

It's easy to throw out a lot of mystical terms, but I'm big on practicality.

You want to know what to expect, not learn a whole new feng shui vocabulary.

You can count on the forecast to break down the year’s energies and give you both the big view — the world, the pandemic, investments like your 401K and pension — those unique to your home.

You'll learn about the energies of your home for 2021 in simple terms.

  • Luck analysis for all homes, bedroom directions, and zodiac signs
  • Which houses have the best luck and how to maximize their energies — including three sets of houses with some extra special luck in 2021
  • The 3 critical areas in your home to watch for afflictions and opportunities

Want to know themes for this year?

I break down the year’s energies and give you both the big view — the world, the pandemic, investments like your 401K and pension plans, business, love, and health — as well as a personal view that’s unique to you and your zodiac sign.

This way you get the whole, wide picture.

Count on learning the energies of the year explained in detail.

  • An in-depth outlook for the major themes in our life for 2021— money, opportunity, love, and health
  • Forecasts and predictions that cover the global outlook and that impact politics, the economy, and investments
  • Essential information on how to manage and navigate the year's energies for men, women, and children (and pets too)

The 2021 Year of the Metal Ox Feng Shui Forecast is designed to give you more than just the location of where the energies, or stars, fly each year.

This e-Book will help you to understand their meaning, and to interpret what it can mean in your life, like finding love if you're single or where to look for job opportunities.

Sure, it’s great to hear about this or that star, and all the charms and trinkets that go with each one, but I know you want to know more specifically how the stars will affect you and your life.

I’ll also tell you how you can enhance or manage those energies, and with items you may already have around your home or can easily find online or at your location craft or decor store.

There's fun too...like personalized feng Shui fashion recommendations and astrology tips.

  • Fashion recommendations with lucky colors, feng shui fashion trends for the year, including good fortune colors, styles, clothes, accessories, and jewelry selections with the year’s energy in mind.
  • Lunar astrology forecasts for all zodiac signs including health, money, career, love, and fashion advice for your unique zodiac sign
  • Monthly moon energies to plan your feng shui activities and create your monthly wish lists

Here's What You Can Expect

  • 2021 Year of the Metal Ox Feng Shui Forecast e-Book
  • 2021 Year of the Metal Ox Feng Shui Action Guide Workbook
  • 2021 Year of the Metal Ox Feng Shui Audio Recording

A little history first….

When I first began writing my annual feng shui forecasts, I called them the “Success Pack,” because in addition to an e-Book you also received a workbook, called the Action Guide, that’s designed to be printed and gives you space to write out your monthly New Moon wishes, your yearly goals and plans, and all the monthly flying star movements for the year, and an MP3 audio recording about the year so you can listen while you drive, get dressed or workout.

These are the 3 parts of the Success Pack.

  • 2021 Year of the Metal Ox Feng Shui Forecast e-Book
  • 2021 Year of the Metal Ox Feng Shui Action Guide Workbook
  • 2021 Year of the Metal Ox Feng Shui Audio Recording

It's a lot of feng shui detail, but it’s designed to be used in different ways.

Let's go through each part...

The 2021 Year of the Metal Ox Feng Shui Forecast e-Book

The 2021 Year of the Ox Feng Shui Forecast e-Book is designed to help you have clarity and confidence about the year, and most importantly, give you the information you need to know so that you can thrive even in challenging times. 

Here's what's inside.

Annual Outlook and Overview: 

The first section of the book gives you a broad view of 2021 and details about the reigning star of the year — the 6 star — and the ways this star’s energies will influence our year. 

Each year the reigning star changes, but it’s always located in the center of every home. That means its influence will affect everyone who lives in your home, including our fur, fin, and feather family members.

You’ll learn what you need to know for every member of your family. Each year, I specifically talk about the energies that affect women, men and children and what energies they’ll be dealing with and how to manage them and make the most of what the year has to offer.

Year of the Ox: I’ll explain what you can expect from Ox and how its energy will impact you, including major themes for the year about health, love, income, investments, health, and global outlooks. 

All 9 Star Energies: You’ll get a detailed breakdown of each energy for the year, the directions where they move to, and the effects of each star on your life, love, and money

Your Home and Bedroom Luck for the Year:

These two areas of your home have the most impact on your life.

This section covers each bedroom direction and house direction.

Each bedroom and front door direction is covered in detail so you will be able to maximize the good fortune directions and muzzle any difficult energies.

Plus these important sections....

Feng Shui Important Dates.

The important feng shui dates like the start of the New Year, annual Feng Shui, and the date of the Chinese New Year and the official start date of the Year of the Metal Ox.

2021 Renovation Guide.

Are there areas where you should renovate for good luck and areas you should avoid renovating this year?

They're all detailed in this section.

2021 Annual Energies.

The 9 annual energies, or stars, are explained in depth. This section includes the Lo Shu Square and Annual Energies tables and charts that spell out at-a-glance individual energies, or stars, outlined in detail.

And these two favorite sections that everyone wants to know about.

Feng Shui Fashion Outlook

Are there lucky colors to wear this year?

This year there’s an expanded fashion section that talks about how to look great and still wear a mask. 

You’ll love reading the fun and stylish feng shui tips on how to make a statement using 2021’s annual energies — including how to manage difficult energies with color, fashion, style and accessory choices. 

You’ll get everything from LUCKY clothing and handbag colors, to jewelry choices, makeup colors and tips, and the No. 1 color for manicures and pedicures in 2021.

Chinese Zodiac Horoscopes for the Year

Are you a monkey or a rooster?

No matter what your zodiac sign, we’ll cover your outlook for 2021 covering the Top 3 questions everyone wants to know about -- the Life Trinity topics of Health, Wealth, and Love. 

Each sign also has a Fashion Outlook section with specific fashion tips for your unique sign. You’ll also get a month-by-month rundown of when your luck is best for love, money, opportunity, and when problems can strike.

This year, you can learn your Chinese zodiac ascendant sign, too. This gives you a two-dimensional look at your year ahead and an even deeper understanding of how the year plays out for both your sign and ascendant sign.

At-A-Glance Charts and Tables:

In a hurry? Who isn’t?

Each year the Success Pack Forecast comes with easy-to-read and access charts and tables that give you feng shui at-a-glance.

This year has a Lo Shu Square chart, the Annual Feng Shui Energies chart, and the Renovation and Afflictions Chart.

These tables give you the feng shui of the year at a glance.

Best of all, you can print them and see IMMEDIATELY and INSTANTLY where all the energies fall in your home.

  • The 2021 Lo Shu Square Chart that shows you all the new star locations for 2021. 
  • The Annual Energies Table is a chart that helps you to see all the energies in one glance, breaking up the 9 major energies into easy-to-read and understand images and recommendations. 
  • The Renovation and Afflictions Chart that shows you where you can renovate in your home this year for the best results. All these charts give you a visual feng shui of the year at a glance. 
  • Feng Shui Tables include monthly feng shui dates and important feng shui dates for 2021
  • NEW Zodiac & Moon Tables: Find your zodiac ascendant sign and zodiac birth years tables. 

New and Updated Action Guide

  • 2020 Year in Review worksheet section. Sometimes to move forward, you have to recognize and assess all you’ve done in the past year.
  • Your 2021 Goals Worksheets with Personal Values Chart that helps you pinpoint the exact values that will help you reach your goals.
  • Your 2021 Vision. This worksheet includes a printable guide to create a feng shui-aligned vision board for 2021.
  • Chinese New Year Cleaning & Preparation Checklist. This extensive checklist covers all areas of your home, your personal feng shui, cleaning, purging, replenishing and activating checklist specifically for to use at Chinese New Year.

So many new additions and a refreshed style!

Look at all that's inside the ACTION GUIDE....

New and Updated 12 Months of Flying Star charts.

Each month is outlined in detail with flying star movements spanning the entire year. This year, energies are shown visually in a lo shu style grid with a description of the monthly movements below versus the smaller. 

12 Months of New Moon Wishes Worksheets.

Included are worksheets with dates, times, and signs for each New Moon and wish themes.

There's also new insights on how to use the moon each month for your feng shui activities, such as to initiate, purge, and reflect.

My Feng Shui Home.

This section includes multiple worksheets that help you understand your home and clutter pain points.

This includes a new cleaning and organizing section with a printable year-round cleaning checklist to print and refer to it all year long.

Year of the Metal Ox Audio MP3

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get all the highlights of the year, the 2021 Forecast MP3 audio is perfect for you.

You’ll hear about all the sectors and stars and I’ll point out major trouble and major opportunity areas. 

It’s a fun audio that you can enjoy in your car or when you’re out and about. And it’s another way to learn about the year and all it has to offer simply by listening.

EXTENDED VERSION: Almost 90 minutes long

This year everyone's an INSIDER.

If this year has taught us anything, it's that we need each other.

We need connection, and that's why I want everyone to be an INSIDER.

Let's talk about feng shui now....

One of the ways to use feng shui successfully is by keeping up with feng shui as it changes each month.

I’ve outlined that all for you in the Success Pack with the 2021 Forecast, Action Guide, and MP3 Audio recording.

As an FengShui INSIDER, you’ll get these benefits:

  • Monthly Zodiac Horoscopes
  • Monthly New Moon Notices
  • Monthly Flying Star Updates and Reminders

I know you’re busy and you have a lot on your mind, that’s why I have the FengShui INSIDER -- so I can do all that remembering for you to give you the heads up ahead of time so you know what to expect, how to manage the monthly energies, and it’s all sent to you in your email inbox.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have little reminders sent to you all year long? 

That’s what the FengShui INSIDER does for you so you don’t have to think about anything or remember to check each month. 

It’s all done for you. 

There’s over 36 reminders over the course of our 52-week year.

And I run like a Swiss watch, with 3 emails each month keeping you informed about what’s ahead and important tips about feng shui remedies and enhancements.

It's all included....

12 Months of Flying Star e-Mail Updates.

Although the monthly feng shui changes can shift from the 5th to the 7th day of the month, I always send out the monthly flying star updates on the 1st.

That’s because feng shui doesn’t always go by its exact dates, and usually, it shows up a little early. 

With your monthly flying star updates you’ll know what to expect for the month, which remedies and enhancements are needed and where they need to go, and how to make the most of the good fortune stars and keep difficult energies from becoming serious.

12 Months of New Moon e-Mail Updates.

The moon is an important part of feng shui. It’s why they call the Chinese New Year the Lunar New Year — it’s because the moon is the mother of our year. Her pull on our lives making tides rise, coordinating nature’s cycles, or making seeds planted grow. 

Each month, I’ll send you a New Moon update and if there are any other planetary movements that are significant, such as Mercury Retrograde, you’ll get that too. This is a great way to time and work with the cosmic forces in our world. Just like we get up in the morning with the sun and go to sleep once it sets, we are moved by the planets and the stars. 

12 Months of Horoscope e-Mail Updates.

You'll receive a Monthly Horoscope before the 1st of each month that tells you exactly what kind of month you can expect for health, career and love for your zodiac sign. 

You'll have an outlook for health, money, romance and well-being as well as fashion suggestions and ideas to make the most of the entire year.

You’ll learn just what you need to know for the month ahead of the month so you can plan ahead.

Plus, you can also read your Ascendant zodiac sign to give you an even fuller picture of your month ahead.

Success Pack plans for all levels

We know everyone is on the feng shui journey come from very different places.

Each Success Pack comes in 3 levels to give you the level of feng shui information that's right for you.

Ready to dive in and read up all the content?

The Success Pack INSIDER is for you.

Maybe you have questions and would like to have a place where you could interact occasionally.

Then the Success Pack INSIDER PLUS is for you.

Or if you're looking for a like-minded, friendly and supportive community and love to interact frequently, the Success Pack INSIDER GOLD will give you feng shui you can access daily if you like.

Success Pack


--2021 Year of the Metal Ox Feng Shui Forecast  e-Book

--ACTION GUIDE workbook with12 Months of flying star, Goals Lists, and New Moons Wish Lists 

--MP3 Audio Download MP3 of what to expect in 2021 

 Plus these benefits:

  • 12 Timely Monthly New Moon Reminder Emails  
  • 12 Monthly Email Flying Star Reminder Emails 
  • 12 Monthly Chinese Zodiac Horoscopes Emails 


Success Pack


Everything in the INSIDER, Plus these benefits:

  • 12 Timely Monthly New Moon Reminder Emails  
  • 12 Monthly Email Flying Star Reminder Emails 
  • 12 Monthly Chinese Zodiac Horoscopes Emails 
  • Wealth in the Year of the Ox Webinar


Success Pack


Plus these benefits:

Everything in the INSIDER, Plus these benefits:

  • 12 Timely Monthly New Moon Reminder Emails  
  • 12 Monthly Email Flying Star Reminder Emails 
  • 12 Monthly Chinese Zodiac Horoscopes Emails 
  • Wealth in the Year of the Ox Webinar

Best value!


Want my personal help with your feng shui?

I'm here for you each month, all year long, with 3 monthly emails spanning the entire year.

Join the INSIDERS GOLD and we can get even more personal.

What's it like at the INSIDER Gold Level?

When you join the FengShui INSIDER Gold Level, you also receive an invitation to join my private Facebook group.

It’s a place of inspiration, ideas, and support. You’ll love being part of a friendly and helpful group of people just like you who love feng shui. 

You won’t waste time either because you’re stuck on some little feng shui question that someone in the group will know and help you with. You’ll have a place to turn for answers, inspiration, and feedback so you can always keep moving forward, learning and improving your life with feng shui. 

It’s an inclusive, friendly, and informative community that supports its members in feng shui friendship.

I love Katie’s Feng Shui INSIDER Gold Facebook Group. We can ask questions and get answers from other members who may have had similar experiences – we’re like an extended family. Each year, I look forward to all of Katie's insights. I especially like the ones on the fun purse and wardrobe colors.

- Sherri Beregovoy, Miami, FL, USA

I’ve been buying the Success Pack for three years now, and these have been incredibly positive years for me. Even the times I thought that would be a struggle went smoothly because of Katie’s warm, practical advice. During this COVID year, it has been such a blessing to have a kind, calm, supportive INSIDER Gold Facebook community as my daily oasis from the craziness.

- Valerie Tsatsanis Mains, Victoria, BC, Canada

I love that everyone in the Feng Shui INSIDER Gold Facebook group is extremely supportive. Everyone is into feng shui and at all levels. Not only does it help me learn more each day, but it’s fun to see what everyone else is up to and how they are handling everyday life’s challenges with the help of feng shui and Katie. I enjoy being part of such a like-minded international group of people.

- Gráinne Mooney, France

Katie and the Feng Shui INSIDER Gold Facebook group inspire me – they’re always giving new input and ideas, and more importantly, support. The Feng Shui Insiders Gold Facebook group is extremely helpful with questions, answers, and suggestions! I also love the monthly Q&A. I’m learning a lot! Feng Shui Sisters ROCK!

- Patrizia B., Pliezhausen, Germany

Katie's Feng Shui INSIDER Gold Facebook group is so valuable for connecting with others and seeing real-life examples of Feng Shui being put to work. It is one of the most helpful and supportive groups on Facebook! I also love that Katie really takes good care of this group and the people in it.

- Lorraine Scott, British Columbia, Canada

What I like best about Katie’s Feng Shui INSIDER Gold Facebook group is that everyone’s so helpful, friendly, and non-judgmental. I became more observant about life and my surroundings. I feel blessed to be part of this group.

- Amy Branham, New Palestine, Indiana

Hi there, I'm Katie!

I'm a mom, wife, lover of all things gardening, cooking enthusiast, and the writer of the 2021 Year of the Metal Ox Feng Shui Forecast and Success Pack.

You may know me as the publisher of the Red Lotus Letter Feng Shui e-Zine. If you are, you know that I'm in your email inbox every Wednesday for the past 19 years rain or shine.

It was almost 20 years ago that I decided to give classical feng shui a try.

Why? Well, if you read the story about my husband shattering his leg on the beach on our vacation in Maui, you know why.

So I started the Red Lotus Letter feng shui e-zine, the first of its kind then...and now.

It was also the time I decided to get serious about time feng shui, because things happened when I ignored it.

Like Tim's broken leg at the beach. It was traumatic, shocking, and....I never wanted to experience that again, or anyone else either.

That's why I started the Success Pack -- to give you all the tools you need each year, and every month.

The idea was to make sure you were prepared and protected, all year, every year.

"It wasn't until I discovered Katie's annual forecast and her wonderful insights that I truly began to understand monthly energy changes. 2020 was a tough year for so many. I'm grateful for Katie's lessons and knowledge that give me peace of mind each month and throughout each new year."

—Heidi, Canada

"I love the Success Pack. From the get-go, I’ve found so many practical, helpful tips and tricks. I’m able to make small, steady changes that are helping me through this awful year. Katie’s solid, sensible advice is delivered in a lovely, friendly way. Katie and her Success Pack are pretty special! Get it. It's worth it!"

Trisha, Wales, UK

"What I like about Katie and her Success Pack is that each year it’s like sitting down with an old friend and catching up. When I read her Success Pack, I feel like I just got a big, comforting hug, and the coming year is something I can handle. Get the Success Pack, grab a cup of tea and your favorite throw, snuggle down on the couch, and read what your FRIEND Katie has to say about the coming year. You got this!"

Sandra B., Boston, USA

OK, can you go over what all I get one more time?

Sure thing! As soon as you click that button, you’ll unlock immediate access to:

  • e-Book The 2021 Year of the Ox Feng Shui Forecast. You get the full feng shui outlook for every house and bedroom direction.
  • 2021 Zodiac Horoscopes: This year’s outlook for every zodiac Sign, including advice on money, health, relationships and fashion advice for your particular zodiac sign.
  • The Big Picture View of money, health trends, challenges ahead and where the opportunities in the year can be found and that you might not expect. 
  • At-A-Glance charts and tables that help you see star locations, afflictions and their remedies in one shot, renovation area chart, affliction & enhancement remedies energies table, zodiac sign dates & hours charts
  • The ACTION GUIDE Success Pack Workbook. Full of worksheets, checklists, tables and feng shui details that help you create your vision for 2021
  • MP3 Audio Download. Listen in on details about the year with this download that you can listen to on the run, while your working, driving or getting dressed.
  • 3 Timely Monthly Email Reminders with FengShui INSIDER -- Get the scoop each month in your inbox with 12 monthly  horoscope update email  timed to come just ahead of the next month so you’ll be ready to make the most of the energies ahead. 12 Flying Monthly Star email updates are sent in advance of the month’s shift in energies, and 12 Monthly New Moon reminder emails.

and with FengShui INSIDERS PLUS

Everything above plus...

  • Wealth in the Year of the Ox Webinar -- find out ways to access wealth in 2021 with Year of the Ox Wealth Tips.

and with FengShui INSIDERS GOLD

You get everything in the Success Pack INSIDERS and the Success Pack INSIDERS PLUS ...but you also get

  • Wealth in the Year of the Ox Webinar -- find out ways to access wealth in 2021 with Year of the Ox Wealth Tips.
  • FengShui INSIDERS Year of the Ox Secret Facebook Page. Exclusive access and membership in a community where you can interact daily with feng shui friends, ask questions and find support and tips.
  • 2 LIVE Q&A each month where Katie answers your questions and offers guidance. 

What would it be worth if you could have known in advance how this past year was going to be? 

Here’s a sample of what was in last year’s feng shui forecast:

...gold goes to $2000

...technology stocks rise sharply

..."More sharp and angry words will occur over health (there could be big fallouts and problems with healthcare systems, pharmaceutical companies), wealth (deficits, budgets, income, and investments), and children’s welfare."

..."Breathing is an important aspect in the Year of the Rat. The 7 star is rules the lungs, and we've already seen problems coming up from vaping and young people dying from smoking and vaping unknown substances."

..."There will be more breathing maladies, such as flu, COPD, asthma, or smoking/vaping concerns. I would expect a sudden rise of pneumonia as well, so get your vaccinations if you're concerned or take precautions. Just take your breathing health seriously."

As you know, this all came to pass. This is the value of knowing feng shui.

Feng shui can help you prepare and be ready.

And doesn’t it feel better just knowing what’s ahead?

Be ready this year. Be armed with the knowledge that will help you look after your home, your family, your health, and your life.

As 2020 taught us, there’s nothing more precious than our home and those we love inside of it. 

Feng shui is not only a practice, it’s a protector.

Just like the knowledge of how to make the most of every year even if there’s a pandemic, or we’re coming out of one.

It’s time to put your home to work for your life. 

Listen to What Success Pack Readers Say

I wait eagerly for Katie’s Success Pack every year! It's like having my personal agony aunt! Katie writes in an unpatronizing, accessible, and FUN style that draws you in. I like her suggestions as they are practical and EASILY DOABLE. I also love getting timely monthly reminders from her.  Even in the toughest times, I feel we can get through them.  

Nayana, London

 I love that the Success Pack is so PRACTICAL and easy to follow. Katie is such a wonderful guide and makes it all so easy and understandable! Once I started following the flying stars each month, bigger changes happened – my husband got a dream job, money came from unexpected places, annoyances of life lessened. This year, I have been so grateful to have a ROADMAP - Katie’s predictions were eerily ACCURATE about many aspects of this trying time. If you are on the fence, jump off and grab your copy. The Success Pack has been worth SO MUCH MORE to my life than the price! 

–Rebecca B., Chevy Chase, MD

I love everything about the Success Pack – from the lucky colors to managing annual and monthly energies. It makes me so confident in my daily life, knowing I am protected. By following Katie's tips, I was able to get into a higher paying job, which I never imagined. I also love being part of Katie's Feng Shui community! I’m surrounded by LIKE-MINDED people that share their own experiences. 

–Vinky Bath, Perth, Australia 

Katie’s annual Success Pack has helped me to feel prepared and EMPOWERED for the upcoming year, both personally and professionally. Thankfully, this has been a SMOOTH year with all of the changes being positive. Family relationships have been the most loving and PEACEFUL that I've experienced in a very long time. 

The INSIDERS GOLD group has been a huge boost in learning, positive feedback, ideas, and examples. I love the support from Katie and the other insiders! What a fabulous group of POSITIVE people who truly care about each other. I look forward to next year's Success Pack and continuing to be part of the INSIDERS GOLD group!

 –Debi Friedlander, Texas 

The Success Pack answers a lot of my WHYs. It helps me understand better why things happen! When the knowledge is applied, the results are GREAT – it always gives my house a fresh look, attracts good energy, and keeps negative energy away. I am so grateful for all the BLESSINGS! If you feel that your life is stagnant, and you need ANSWERS to your life questions, try Katie’s Success Pack.  

MJ Buenafe, Ontario, Canada 

I look forward to getting my Success Pack each year because it’s helpful to have a guideline of what to expect to see for the year ahead! With everything going on in the world, I felt protected. The COMMUNITY SPIRIT in Katie’s Feng Shui Insiders group is amazing! What I love about the group is that there’s NO JUDGEMENT -- everyone is there to help. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we need SUPPORT and a TRIBE of like-minded individuals that want to better their lives and the lives of everyone around them! Jump in and do it! You just need to start somewhere -- take the first MAGICAL step. 

Gaylene Redman, Calgary, AB, Canada



Question 1: Can I use this if I’m new to feng shui?

Yes! If you can read a compass to determine the corners of your house, that’s all you need to know. There are a few simple steps that the Forecast walks you through. The first is to know the direction your house faces (you can use your smartphone, but a compass is best!). Then, you make a diagram of your floor plan. Once you have that, you’re ready to feng shui!

Question 2: What if I don’t know my zodiac sign?

That’s OK. The forecast will help you find your sign quickly and if you’re born in the winter months (January or February), I have a calculator online that can tell to the day exactly what your sign is. 

Question 3: Can I use this forecast if I follow Western feng shui?

You can, but it’s important to know that the directions in the forecast are the actual directions not assigned directions (the north is the front, the back left corner is southeast, etc.). Knowing the exact corners of your home will be the most effective – and protective – when making your feng shui placements.

Question 4: Do you include lucky handbag, wallet, and clothing colors in the Success Pack? 

Absolutely! It’s just not the same without those important details. But I go a step further to let you know exactly what jewelry is best, styles that will be helpful next year – even a lucky color for manicures and pedicures. You’ll also get lucky makeup and accessory selections for 2021. Lucky colors and feng shui fashion are a fun way to practice feng shui and feel confident, too.

Question 5: If I join your private Facebook group, does everyone there already know feng shui? 

We have members at all levels of feng shui knowledge, but what they all are is caring and compassionate. This is a friendly group that works to help one another. That’s the goal – to help bring everyone along. As time goes by, you’ll pick up more and more and gain in your proficiency. 

I Want to Be an Insider!

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  • 12 Timely Monthly New Moon Reminder Emails  
  • 12 Monthly Email Flying Star Reminder Emails 
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  • Wealth in the Year of the Ox Webinar



Success Pack


Everything in the INSIDER, Plus these benefits:

  • 12 Timely Monthly New Moon Reminder Emails  
  • 12 Monthly Email Flying Star Reminder Emails 
  • 12 Monthly Chinese Zodiac Horoscopes Emails 
  • Wealth in the Year of the Ox Webinar


Success Pack


Plus these benefits:

Everything in the INSIDER, Plus these benefits:

  • 12 Timely Monthly New Moon Reminder Emails  
  • 12 Monthly Email Flying Star Reminder Emails 
  • 12 Monthly Chinese Zodiac Horoscopes Emails 
  • Wealth in the Year of the Ox Webinar
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