Your Body’s Feng Shui | What Your Health Says About Your Life

When we want to read our environment to learn more about our lives, feng shui helps us to understand what our environments are saying about our business success, our family, our health and our relationship happiness. What’s fascinating about the study of feng shui is to see the correlation between our lives and our bodies. In addition to reading our spaces to tell us where we can improve our lives, we can also look at our bodies to gain better understanding of our lives and our happiness.

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Episode 134: Personal Energy Traps Part 1

There are times in life when it seems like all the odds are stacked against you. The world may feel like it’s turned its back on you, or that whatever you touch doesn’t work out. Maybe things keep breaking or relationships are challenging you at every turn. Sometimes something we don’t expect happens: an accident,…

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Episode 133: Feng Shui for Burnout

Feeling dedicated to your job and life is admirable. But there are times when it just all becomes too much. It might start with feeling frustrated, rushed, and aggravated. Or, you may simply feel anxious like the other shoe is going to drop…all the time. When this happens, it’s a good sign that you are…

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Episode 132: The Power of 1

Feng shui is often called the Chinese “art of placement.” But it is deceptively deep. There is so much depth to feng shui that at first blush it’s easy to just chalk it up as a decorating method or fun esoteric technique. The number one relates to the north and to water. It is associated…

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Episode 130: Feng Shui for Basements

Basements, while useful, can possess an energy that is literally like the room itself in that it’s below the ground. There are other things to contend with such as a lack of natural light, low ceilings, or the presence of extra moisture. Adding the proper feng shui elements will help protect the health and well-being…