Feng Shui and the 5 Yellow Affliction | 7 Tips for Preventing Injury, Illness and Financial Problems

No one lives in a vacuum, and that means we change from year to year. One of the critical components of classical Chinese feng shui is the understanding that feng shui also changes from year to year. That’s why one year is great and the next might tank. It’s one of the reasons many people follow and practice classical Chinese feng shui — it helps them to understand why things change from year to year and why things happen in their lives the way they do.

Year of the Pig — Thank You!

2019 Year of the Pig Feng Shui Forecast   THIS IS YOUR SUCCESS PACK DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS PAGE A Note From Katie Thank you so much for your 2019 Year of the Pig Feng Shui Forecast Success Pack purchase! Watch your email for your download and purchase receipt, email confirmation request and download instructions. When you…