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PODCAST EPISODE 100: Katie’s TOP 10 Feng Shui Tips

After 30+ years of feng shui practice and consultation, these are Katie’s best-loved and important feng shui tips. She shares her favorite feng shui secrets she’s used successfully throughout the years. Now you can use these tips to open the channels of flow, prosperity, and abundance in your life.  Be sure to listen in for a secret URL to get her FREE e-book “Top 100 Feng Shui Tips” and where to download your copy!

Fun Shui -- Feng Shui Symbols and Activities Bring Happiness, Success, and Wealth

Fun Shui — Feng Shui Symbols and Activities Bring Happiness, Success, and Wealth

Some of the best feng shui isn’t all about turtles and fountains, mountains and facing directions. It’s about fun. Good feng shui can change to great feng shui with the addition of fun, enjoyment, festivities and happy times. That’s because the vibrations of laughter and enjoyment permeate our surroundings and if you home is the location for happy gatherings full of festive people, then you’ve done a lot toward making your feng shui better – and that changes your outlook, your happiness, and your bottom line, too!

The Precious Feng Shui Horse | Symbol of Success and Potent Activator

Horses have long been a part of mankind’s building of civilizations. It was the horse that carried people and supplies to new lands, helped open trade routes and have been man’s constant companion in discovery, war and pleasure. Revered for their speed, strength and beauty, horses are a symbol of wealth. From the small and…

Consultation Testimonial

A sincere thank you…. It means the world to me that you chose me for your feng shui consultation, and I want you to know that your feedback is invaluable to me. If you’re willing, it would be great to have a testimonial from you — and it’s also helpful to others who are looking…

I love the Red Lotus Letter! Katie provides fun and practical feng shui solutions to everyday problems and situations.