At Red Lotus, we believe we’re all products of our environment. When we make our home, office and business environments better, we reap the benefits in our relationships, health, happiness, enjoyment, careers and family life.

Home is where the heart is. That’s the Red Lotus. We’re a symbol of the heart and the desire to make our surrounds positive, beautiful, enjoyable and that help us become our better selves in every way.

We’re most interested in helping you create an environment — from your home to your office and even your closet — that supports you and helps you live and enjoy life more fully and successfully.

We want to help you merge your love of life and express it in the way you live and in a way that expresses your unique sense of self.

The Red Lotus approach to living is rooted in good design, thoughtful living, and feng shui. Feng shui and good design are mutually inclusive. Good design is good feng shui and vice versa. We want to help you design your life and surroundings so that you are happier, healthier and enjoy life more — and that your environments — home, work, office, style — are a natural extension of highest self.

Our belief is that beautiful surroundings bring harmony, balance and happiness to your home and life, and we strive to bring you information and products that represent this philosophy. Beautiful surroundings that express your personal lifestyle aren’t a luxury – they’re a necessity.

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