Feng Shui Artwork | How Images in Your Home Influence Your Prosperity, Love, and Happiness

By Kathryn Weber As a feng shui consultant, there have been many times when I’ve seen artwork that brings positive results to my clients’ lives. There are also times when I see artwork that negatively influences their happiness, their health, and in some cases, their life. Even the placement of artwork has implications on what…

Feng Shui Symbols that Power Up Your Feng Shui

by Kathryn Weber Many people don’t realize how much they’re affected by symbols and signs. Even words have an influence over us when we hear and see them daily. Symbols are so powerful, we dream in symbols each night. The random images your mind shows at night have you often trying to figure out what…

Feng Shui for Women Business Owners and Entrepreneurs | 8 Tips to Energize, Empower and Earn More

by Kathryn Weber There’s a lot of talk about women entrepreneurs and business owners these days, but do they have special feng shui needs? Absolutely. Women are opening businesses at a record pace. They account for $1.9 trillion dollars in sales, and they employ almost 8 million people (NAWBO.com). Yet, female entrepreneurs are less likely…

Understanding Your Personal Feng Shui Kua Number

Understanding Your Personal Feng Shui Kua Number

Everyone knows that feng shui has symbols such as frogs and mandarin ducks. It also uses wind chimes, beautiful stones and crystal balls, but it also uses personal information to help you maximize your luck, attract good fortune, and stop misfortune like illness, accidents or injury. This is done by using your date of birth combined with your gender to assign a kua number to understand your personal feng shui.

8 Energy Siphons that Drain Opportunity from Your Life and Harm Your Home's Feng Shui

8 Energy Siphons that Drain Opportunity from Your Life and Harm Your Home’s Feng Shui

One of the most common concerns in feng shui is an energy block, such as a tree opposite a door, or a wall facing the door of your home. Blocks can stop and prevent energy from moving properly and will cause blocks to everything ranging from pregnancy to money, illness to opportunity. However, the same could be said of energy siphons, but unlike blocks, siphons can actually cause serious harm.