Meet Kathryn

Call me Katie.

Or Kathryn.

Or feng shui lady.

It all works.

My goal is to help you get more of everything you want out of life.

And I believe that starts at home. The place you begin and end every day. Of your entire life.

If our life is the product of our environment, doesn’t it make sense to make our environments the best they can be?

When you’re ready to stop running madly around, conquering every mountain, and scratching your way to the top to get somewhere in life, you’ll come home.

And I’ll be there, to show you how to make more from your life by improving your home.

Sounds too woo-woo for you? Relax. I’m not that kind of feng shui person.

My superpower? Super practicality.

I’ve helped tens of thousands of women (and a good number of men) create better lives and businesses by improving their surroundings.

And I don’t make you sit in the lotus position. Or hum. Or tie red ribbons around sink drains and mirrors over your toilet, or any other kind of mumbo jumbo.

You’ll get straight-up Chinese classical feng shui with loads of practicality and common-sense, and no snake-oil, quirky decorating or doing any weird stuff. Promise.

Let’s get you on your way to making change in your life.

You can do that by signing up for my free 28 Days to Prosperity e-Course. You’ll get a super easy daily tip to help you move energy to make money, and make change in your life starting where you are. At home.

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Sending you chi and crackers!



My Official Bio

Katie has been publishing the Red Lotus Letter feng shui e-zine since 2002 every week for over 800+ issues. The Red Lotus Letter is registered serial publication with the Library of Congress. Her DIY column, Living Space, is published by Tribune Content Agency and is carried by newspapers and media outlets throughout the US. She has been writing Living Space since 2005 helping homeowners to decorate, organize and clean their homes with over 700+ weekly columns to date. Her podcast, 5 Minute Feng Shui, can be found on iTunes.